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VIRTUAL – Origami with Sophie: Art of Folding Papers

  • Tuesday, May 18, 2021
  • 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Virtual event

This is a virtual event. If you have questions about how to connect to the event, please contact the event host.

Leader: Sophie Usherwood

Origami-paper folding technique is a therapeutic activity that connects people emotionally while engaging them cognitively. It is a great mindfulness activity as it allows you to focus on the present moment. In these Zoom sessions, you can learn to create artwork with just your hands and a piece of paper. No prior experience is required . Origami is a great inter-generational activity too. Grandparents can bring their grandchildren along if they live together. If they live separately, how about meeting up with your grandchildren in this class and participating in the same activity? Folding together will strengthen family bonds while everyone learns a new skill. During the pandemic, origami is a perfect way to feel calm and enjoy yourself while at home. Origami connects people who fold together because everyone starts with the same materials, a piece of paper, and then they engage in the same process. Sophie Usherwood will guide you smoothly through these classes; she has extensive experience in teaching origami. She runs an organization called Folding for the Future that organizes origami-inspired volunteer work initiatives. We will fold a diverse range of models, from birds to dogs to butterflies to boxes, and if there’s something you want to fold in particular, we can include that in the teaching schedule.

Please bring US letter size papers of any color or any prints with a pair of scissors if you do not have origami papers.

To register

Complete the registration form on this page, or email agingcenter@hitchcock.org, or call the Aging Resource Center at 603-653-3460.

You will receive a zoom link for this class 60 minutes before the class starts. The zoom link will be sent directly to the email you registered with.

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